Let's apply the things you already know

Neurofeedback is a powerful clinical intervention, and it is built on the things you learned in grad school. In this course, we will show you how many things you already know apply to the practice of neurotherapy, and doing so will make you a better therapist.

Treat Common Presenting Problems

Neurofeedback is well suited to address attention/concentration, anxiety, depression, sleep dysregulation, and symptoms of trauma. And we're betting that list also accounts for the majority of your caseload.

Easy-to-follow treatment flowchart

Skillfully guide your clients through a full course of treatment, applying exactly the right touch at exactly the right moment. We'll show you what to do and when to do it.

Real help for real people

The TrueBearing method was developed in and for the therapy room only after treating hundreds of patients over more than 35 years in clinical practice.

Data-driven Practice

Building on the work of respected neurofeedback researchers, we'll show you how to differentiate between meaningful signal and useless noise to make data-driven clinical decisions.

Example Curriculum

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